Boxing Leader Programme

Written and developed by the Police Clubs GB The Olympic Boxing Leader course is a non-contact Olympic-style boxing programme, delivered over one day and is our recommended first step onto the pathway to becoming a boxing coach. 


This innovative course addresses all basic levels required to achieve a successful course outcome and does not demand previous experience. 


The Boxing Leader course is ideal for student and teacher alike and importantly, teachers who qualify are then authorised [subject to self-registration with England Boxing] to deliver the Contender Am-Box programme to their students both as a curricular or non-curricular activity. SEE NB 3 below 


School students who complete the course can be considered to assist the teacher in his / her delivery of the Contender Am-Box programme this in itself, provides an innovative way of engaging students constructively in assisting both the teacher and their peer-group alike. 

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The cost of the course is £95 which covers all course resources and a year of ALL the benefits listed below. In comparison to other sports-based courses recognised by the appropriate NGB, this course cannot be beaten for quality and cost. 



You will be required to register with England Boxing in order to carry out all the duties of a Boxing Leader. Registration is accessed through the Police Boxing Association and the England Boxing registration portal ‘The Vault’ and the cost of your registration is FREE. See NB 3 below 

Once registered with England Boxing, you will be fully insured in the sum of £5m whilst participating as a Boxing Leader in the capacity of a volunteer. If as outlined above the Boxing Leader wishes to deliver the Contender Am-Box programme, this must be carried out under the supervision of a Level 2 coach [in any sport] or school teacher within a school. See NB 1 below 

Once registered as above, you can operate in your capacity of a Boxing Leader, subject to the conditions outlined above, throughout the country and within any club of which you are a member; 

Generally, you do not require a Disclosure & Barring Service [DBS] Disclosure to carry out your duties as a Boxing Leader however, under certain circumstances, you will be eligible to apply for such a disclosure. If a Disclosure is required you may obtain one from any DBS Registered Body or through the England Boxing registration portal ‘The Vault’ [We recommend the latter option with England Boxing] See NB 2 below 

You will receive a Certificate of successful completion of the course; 

You will receive a NGB Leaders Registration card & lanyard provided you register yourself as a Boxing Leader on the Vault under the Police Boxing Association, as we [the PBA] pay for registrations of all Boxing Leaders, your ‘registration’ as a Boxing Leader is FREE of charge to you; 

You may deliver the Contender Am-Box programme in the club or other settings if a Level 2 coach is present; See NB 1 below 

You may also deliver the Contender Am-Box programme in a school if a teacher is present. See NB 1 below 

The Boxing Leader is specifically aimed at those who wish to progress to become a England Boxing coach and provides the basic skills and all the support necessary to lead you through that pathway 


Once qualified, all Boxing Leaders can deliver the Contender Am-Box programme as outlined. There is a requirement for the Boxing Leader who is neither a teacher or currently a Level 2 coach in ‘any’ sport to be supervised by a Level 2 coach or, in schools, by a teacher or Level 2 coach if they wish to deliver the Contender Am-Box programme.



Holders of the Leader qualification may now deliver the all new Police Club’s ‘Tag Boxing Programme’ which includes numerous fun games based on basic boxing skills including Tag Boxing. – This innovative Tag Boxing programme allows participants from just two persons through to full teams AND has the facility to form inter school, group or club leagues. 


NB 1 In normal circumstances the successful Boxing Leader may only deliver the Contender Am-Box programme whilst supervised by a Level 2 coach or within schools by a Level 2 coach or school teacher. 


The alternative is, that the Boxing Leader secures appropriate insurance cover [up to £5m] through the Police Clubs of Great Britain thereby being able to deliver the Contender Am-Box programme unsupervised. NOTE: such insurance ONLY covers the delivery of the Contender Am-Box programmes in any setting For further assistance See NB 3 below 


NB 2 There are circumstances where a Boxing Leader may well deliver the Contender Am-Box programme unsupervised [see NB 1 Above]. In such circumstances, the Boxing Leader should obtain a DBS Disclosure through the England Boxing ‘Vault’. 


NOTE: The Police Clubs GB do not reimburse the fee for obtaining a DBS Disclosure. 


Similarly, if deliveries are made unsupervised as outlined above, the Boxing Leader ‘must’ obtain an acceptable 1st Aid qualification. The Police Clubs GB do not reimburse the fee for obtaining a 1st Aid Certificate. 


The presence of the Boxing Leader’s inclusion on the England Boxing data-base of those holding appropriate Disclosures and the sighting of the appropriate current 1st Aid Certificate will be required prior to authorising the Police Clubs insurance cover: SEE NB 3 below 


NB 3 To Book a Boxing Leader course or for any further help, assistance or advice – contact us below



DATE - 02 October

TIME - 0900-1500hrs

LOCATION - Wimborne Boxing Club, Legg Lane, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1LQ

COST - £95

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