Our Boxer Development Program is a structured course designed to teach the sport of England Boxing to novices and competing boxers while also educating students about Online Safety.

The BDP is a structured program designed to teach the fundamentals of Boxing to complete beginners through our 4-stage process from 10yrs Upwards 


We also work closely with National Online Safety so that we are able to deliver presentations and provide information to young students and their parents about how to stay safe online, what to look out for and what to do if you feel at risk or uneasy.


The BDP has seen boxers go on to compete at National level as well as Overseas, so it’s a very thorough program that will teach a solid foundation and that will progress you at the correct pace


There are 4 levels you will work through on the program. 

Level 1 - 3  


These are Non-Contact programs where we teach the fundamentals of the sport including stance, footwork, basic punches, and defense, pad work, bag work and some boxing against different styles.


Level 4 


This will require the Boxer to get a medical as we move onto sparring and finishing with a skills bout, should they wish


All these Levels are run by England Boxing Coaches with level 4 being run by a minimum of Level 2 England Boxing Coach.  


After successful completion of the assessment, you will be award your Certificate and Medal and will then be able to start working towards your next level if the Boxing Awards




  • Stance and Guard

  • Footwork

  • Straight and Bent Arm Shots

  • Defense

  • Counter Punching

  • Sparring

  • Rules Of The Sport



After the Level 3, you'll 


  • Complete A Medical

  • Travel To Other Clubs 

  • Take Part In a Show  (optional)




We run the first 3 levels on a Saturday morning so please message us to find out when the next course starts. 


Once you have registered you will receive a Booklet which contains everything you need for all 4 levels and gives you some very useful information on our sport.



We very much look forward to having you on a course really soon.