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Welcome to the Boxing Development Program (BDP).

The BDP is a structured 4 Week program designed to teach the fundamentals of Boxing to complete beginners from 9 -13yrs old. 

The course is very thorough and will run each boxer through the basic principles of the sport including

- Stance

- Guard

- Footwork

- Straight Punches

- Defense

- Bag Work

- Shadow Boxing


The BDP has seen boxers go on to compete at National level as well as Overseas, so it’s a very thorough program that will teach a solid foundation and that will progress you at the correct pace  


We believe it’s very important to not just learn to box but to understand the rules and regulations behind the sport so you can go on to become a better boxer, because as they say..


Knowledge is Power..

So part of the program is all about learning the basic rules of Boxing



Our next course will start on the 14th of September and will run for 4 weeks. The Boxers will train every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1700-1800hrs.

DATES - 14th September - 09th October

TIMES - 1700hrs - 1800hrs

LOCATION - Wimborne Boxing Club, BH21 1LQ

COST - £60 Per Person which includes an Online Joining Manual and Wraps

+ Add Gloves to the package for £25

online program

All Participants that sign up will also get access to our Online Beginner program so can continue to learn the basics of Boxing away from the gym  including 

- How to wrap your hands

- Setting your stance and guard and correct footwork

- How to deliver straight punches

- Getting the most from bent arm shots

- How to make your opponent miss and make them pay

- Effective point-scoring combinations

- Tactical shadow boxing


Once you have submitted this, we will be in contact with you within a few hours.