What is LeAF Studio School?

LeAF Studio School is the first secondary school (Year 9 – 13) in the country to be awarded TASS Dual Career Accreditation, along with being the first school in the UK to be accepted onto the European Network of Sport Schools in March 2020. The Sport Specialism aims to provide our students with practical experience in specialism training, alongside their academic studies for future careers within the sports industry.

What Provision is in place for Boxers at LeAF Studio School?

All Boxers will receive Strength and Conditioning (S&C) as part of their school day within their standard timetabled lessons. Students will also receive technical sessions situated at Wimborne Boxing Club and with Dave Rimmer as the lead coach.

Students will be placed on one of the four tiers: High Performance, Performance, Development or Enrichment, depending on their level of competition outside of school.

All students are subject to regular physical testing to best inform the S&C coaches to program sessions specific to an athlete’s specific area(s) of weakness. 

Students can opt into nutritional and psychological workshops with those at a higher level of performance receiving a more tailored programme specific to their level of competition and aspirational goals. 

Any student that requires a period of time away from school for competitions and extended training camps will be considered on an individual basis, with remote learning and assignments to be completed.


What is the application process?

To apply for a place at LeAF Studio’s Boxing Specialism, please either speak with Dave Rimmer, Head Coach at Wimborne ProAm Boxing Club via or Dan Evans, Head of PE and Sports Specialism at LeAF via

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