Getting carded means you have passed a boxing medical, had your ID checked and have registered yourself with England Boxing

We will explain how all this done for Wimborne ABC below.

If you get carded as an Amateur Boxer it means that you will be competing in the given season you have been carded for and that we expect you to stay on weight and fit through out the season, competing September - May, but the season actually runs Jun-May


1 - Speak to Dave and confirm he is happy for you to get carded

2 - Collect a BCR1 card form Dave (Shown opposite)

3 - Get Dave To book you for a medical. These medicals must be done by a ABA registered Doctor, so please dont just book in with your local GP. 

There will be a series of checks and questions and also a urine sample will be required

The medicals cost £30 each and must be paid in cash. The medicals will last for 1 year.

4 - On completion of your medical you must then register on The Vault. Visit this link

- Select Member Registration

- Enter details ( Region - Western Counties \ Club - Wimborne ABC)

- Once complete go into your email and confirm membership

- Log back into England Boxing and finish the registration 

- Type of Membership - Boxer

- Pay your £11


This membership lasts for the entire season


5 - Get a Photo and attach it to your card

6 - Sign your card. If you're under 18yrs old please get a parents signature

7 - Get the club secretary to sign your card.

8 - Send a Photo of one on the following Passport /  Drivers Licence / Birth Certificate to Dave via email or text.

9 - Pass your Card to Dave and wait