Our Junior Academy teaches the sport of Olympic boxing to 9-13yr olds. 

This class is for anyone that wants to learn the sport of Boxing, get fitter, and make new friends from other schools. 

Junior boxers will be taught the basic skills and techniques, and their first few weeks/months of training will consist of non-contact or very light contact activities. 


If you haven't boxed before please take a look at our Online boxing course, this will really help us to progress you faster.

Not only we will cover the techniques of the sport, but we will also work on your fitness through a variety of different activities and circuit training

As the Boxer's progress, we can look at moving them on to contact drills and sparring


As and when we feel a Boxer is ready, and they wish to, we will then look to get them competing, normally in a skill bout first.

We offer lots of opportunities as a competing boxer, including Championships, BoxCups, and competing abroad.

We understand that not everybody who joins the club wants to compete but we do try involve them in contact training as soon as possible.

The Junior classes are designed to introduce the sport of  Boxing to young members of the community and where they wish to take it after this is completely up to them 

We pride ourselves on inclusivity so as long as your child wants to be in the gym learning, they will have a fun, enjoyable time at every session 

We try and offer all our boxers as many opportunities as possible, whether this is through competing or through social events, we feel it's very important to create a community and to make sure there isn't any divide.

Joining a Boxing Club could be one of the greatest things your child can do. Not only will they learn a new sport, but they'll make lots of new friends, build confidence, and be given the chance to create some life long memories 

We do have a waiting list so we expect all attending boxers to work hard, have a great attitude, and come to each session full of ideas on how they can progress their own training

During classes, there is a mix of Partner Work, Technical training, Pad work, and General Fitness.

We are limited on space so please complete the Application form at the bottom as soon as possible if you're interested.

Once you have submitted this, we will be in contact with you within a few hours.


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