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1-1 Trainer and Coach

Tom has been boxing and competing for a number of years and has boxed all over England as well as abroad.

He is deeply passionate about the sport as well as helping others and believes in training the mind as well as the body.

Each session delivered will be challenging, but effective, and thoroughly enjoyable!


1-1 Trainer and Coach

Tanvir is competing Boxer for Wimborne and has boxed all across England. He is also an experienced 1-1 coach

Tan believes the sport can help so many people in so many ways, much like it did him and he is hugely passionate about sharing his knowledge and infectious motivation

Tan will get the very best from you in each session, and will always wear a smile whilst training you.

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1-1 Trainer and Trainee Coach

Georgia has a passion for fitness and making people feel better inside and out.

She will make sure each session is super focussed on your goal and that you'll work hard, but enjoy your time training with her


1-1 Trainer and Trainee Coach

Maddy is a Competing amateur boxer for Wimborne. She has a huge passion for the sport and wants to help others to learn and enjoy it too. She has great knowledge of the sport and is very useful holding pads, so youll get a great session with her every time.

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Gym Mascots

Great for morale, always guaranteed a good warm-up of Chase, if you leave your wraps unattended. 

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