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Our Novice Academy teaches the sport of Olympic boxing to 9-14yr olds. 

This class is for anyone that wants to learn the sport of Boxing, get fitter, and make new friends from other schools. 

Novice boxers will be taught the basic skills and techniques and their first few weeks/months of training will consist of non-contact or very light contact activities. 


If you havent boxed before please take a look at our Online boxing course, this will really help us to progress you faster.

We also believe in a thorough strength and conditioning program so we will cover this in great depth with a qualified strength coach 

As the Boxer's progress we can look at moving them to our Advanced Junior Class, but this is for Competing Boxers ONLY.

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As and when we feel a Boxer is ready we will then look to get them competing, normally in a skill bout first.

We offer lots of opportunities as a competing boxer, including Championships, BoxCups, and competing abroad.

We do have a waiting list so we expect all attending boxers to work hard, have a great attitude, and to come to each session full of ideas on how they can progress their own training

During normal classes there is a mix or Partner Work, Technical training, Sparring, Pad work and General Fitness. However, with COVID procedures, the session will be made up of non-partnered training. 

We are limited on space so please complete the Application form at the bottom as soon as possible if you're interested.


Once you have submitted this, we will be in contact with you within a few hours.

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