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3 Steps to Success with 2 Phase Attacks

2 Phase attacks are a great way to land more punches and let's be honest, what boxer doesn't want that.

But there is a common misconception of what a 2 phase attack is, especially amongst novice boxers.

Unless you join a boxing club, and that club takes the time to explain this crucial offensive tactic to you, you're never going to learn it and you'll be miles behind any other boxer that knows this stuff.

So Ive put together a short tutorial to explain to you

1 - What a 2 Phase Attack is and different types of 2 Phase Attack?

2 - How to use it to achieve 3 different outcomes so that you're able to land more point scoring punches

Start learning NOW... Take a watch of the video below

So there you have it! 3 tips to help any and every Boxer land more punches using 2 Phase attacks.

It will amaze you how much success you have in the ring now that you understand what they are and how to use them to your advantage.

To learn more online, go and take a look at our Learn To Box Online System, or if you're local, pop in for chat about training.

Dedicated to Your Success


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