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🤪 5 Ways To Use A Feint

Feints and triggers are superb ways to set up and land point scoring punches.

Feints are used in most sports, with the idea of convincing the opposition we are about to something to draw a reaction from them, and then countering that reaction to our advantage.

Whether that be to land a punch, skilfully wrong foot a player, create room to take a shot at goal, create space to make a pass.... the list is endless.

So Ive put together a short YouTube Tutorial on 5 ways you can use feints to your advantage when you're sparring or competing..

Go take a watch

As you can see, feints and triggers should be a key tool that all boxers must have in their arsenal, but must also know how to use effectively.

A rule I generally use with our Boxers is

'You must execute your intent within 3 feints or reposition and start again'.

I feel after 3 feints, you lose the effectiveness of the tactic and are unlikely to create any reaction, or at least, create the reaction your were working for.

I hope this Blog post has helped give you a better understanding of why and how to use feitns.

If you would like to Learn the fundamentals of Boxing, including how to move, defend and attack, as well as tactics vs various styles and do this all from the comfort of your own home, via any device, check out our Learn To Box System.

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