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Focus On One Thing

When my Boxers step into the ring for sparring, I tell them to focus on just one area they wish to work on. If they tried to concentrate on Head Defence Hand Defence Trunk Defence Footwork Closing The Gaps Creating Angles Counter Punching Phases Of Attack etc They would be overloaded and overwhelmed resulting in no development at all. So my simple advice is always

'Focus on 1 thing.' So why is this important now, when the majority of us can only dream about Sparring as we are stuck tight in another lockdown? Well, quite simply, I want you to focus on just one thing NOW too. Being stuck indoors for the majority of the day can lead to motivation levels dropping, especially towards training, and with so many aspects of the sport to try and stay on top of, you can become overwhelmed.

So rather than try to do a bunch of different things to improve, focus on ONE thing that will move you closer to your goals.

What do I mean? Choose an area you want to work on for that week. Research a few different drills (or visit our YouTube Channel) that you can work on from home and then spend that week improving on that one area and not concentrating on the other aspects, for example

  • Footwork

  • Fitness

  • Head Defence

  • Tactics vs Different Styles - Shadow Boxing + Bag

  • Landing Body Shots - Shadow Boxing + Bag

I'm sure there are other areas you may wish to concentrate on too but keep it fairly simple. Even if the improvement is small, the power of this approach is big.

There is a compounding effect. Small successes build confidence, shape habits, and set you up for bigger wins down the road.

So if you ever get overwhelmed with all there is to do (I know I do), then this is where I would start.

Focus on ONE thing at a time.

Dedicated to Your Success Dave Wimborne Boxing Club PS

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