8 Rounds Shadow Boxing Work out is an Audio program that will really help you to build up a sweat.


You can do this program in your home, in your gym or at your Club, simply pop on the headphones and let me guide you over 8 x 2 minute rounds, broken down into the following 


Round 1 - All Shots


Round 2 - All Shots as well as Slips and Counters


Round 3 - All shots as well as Rolls and Counters


Round 4 - All Shots as well as Parry, Step Backs and Counters


Round 5 - All In


Round 6 - Body Attack 


Round 7 - Head Defence and Counters 


Round 8 - All In High Intensity 


The program is designed for levels, with an introduction to punching, defenses and counters.


At the end of the program I give you a choice of 2 Finishers, designed to use up the last bit energy remaining,


This is a great 25-30 Minute work out which you can use numerous times 


A bargain at just 7.99

8 Rounds Shadow Boxing Work Out

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