Learn To Box Online

Learn To Box Online


If you're just about to start boxing or want to brush up on the basics then these 7 short videos are perfect. 


You will learn 


- How to wrap your hands


- Setting your stance and guard and correct footwork


- How to deliver straight punches


- Getting the most from bent arm shots


- How to make your opponent miss and make them pay


- Effective point scoring combinations


- Tactical shadow boxing



These 7 videos will more than prepare you for your first class at any boxing gym or even a boxing fitness session and if you go in knowing the basics, you'll impress your coaches immediately. 


Boxing takes time to understand and learn so why not start today and get the fundamentals of the sport under your belt.


To do these 7 sessions with me on a 1-1 basis would cost over £200, but you can grab them all for the price of a Costa coffee.


So start your boxing journey with us today


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