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As a competing Boxer for Wimborne we offer lots of opportunities including National Championships, BoxCups, and competing abroad.

We keep our class numbers hugely reduced and only open up our memberships to 10 boxers. 


This means that as a member you will get a lot of individual attention which will help you to progress faster than you could on larger size classes


We promise first-class coaching where we also cover strength and conditioning specific to Boxing with our S+C Coach.


If your you are enthusiastic, motivated and wants to progress fast and move onto competing then please complete the form below

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Once you have submitted this, we will be in contact with you within a few hours.

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If you have never boxed before I highly recommend enrolling on to our Online Beginner program so can learn the basics of Boxing  including 

- How to wrap your hands

- Setting your stance and guard and correct footwork

- How to deliver straight punches

- Getting the most from bent arm shots

- How to make your opponent miss and make them pay

- Effective point scoring combinations

- Tactical shadow boxing


Can Parents / Partners stay to watch?

We dont let parents pr partners stay to watch any of the sessions. This is done for safeguarding reasons as well as lack of space. All coaches are Safeguards trained, have current DBS's, in date Frist Aid qualifications and all hold a qualification through our National Governing Body Englnad Boxing.

What do I need to Bring?

FROM 25TH JULY We will need you to breing your own Gloves and and your own wraps and we wont be supplying any from the gym at the moment. We do sell gloves and wraps so please contact us before hand and we can give you more information. IGNORE BELOW If its your first session you do not need to bring anything other than a drink, we will supply all other equipment. After your first session we will expect you to buy your your own wraps which you can get fro mthe club for £6. Once you / your child is committed you shoudl think about buying your own gloves. If you ant to Spar you will need your own Gumshield, we sel lthese at the club for £6 and youll also need a groin protector.

Is my first session free?

We dont offer Free trials unless there is an offer currently in place.

How can I pay?

We only have a membership system for those that are selected to join the program. Once you have completed your application form you will be contacted and everything discussed.

When can I compete?

The acedemy classes are designed to initally teach the fundametals and to imprive fitness. Once you have picked up the basics, we shall move you onto sparring and then take you through to the levels until you are ready to compete. Every one is different and progresses at different speeds, so it is impossible to give a time frame although minimum is normally around 6-8 months depending on previous experiences.