There is a severe lack of coached exercise options for over 60’s, and now, more than ever, it’s important you feel you're are able to leave your home and come to exercise in a fun way that gets your entire body active and also helps you to socialise with other like minded people.

Silver Gloves offers safe, coached Boxing Training and Fitness to anyone over the age of 60 who wants to increase their weekly activity levels in fun and very effective way.


Over 60’s should be getting 150 minutes of exercise in each week, or 75 minutes vigorous intensity activity, and we aim to help you fulfil this. 

Here is a list of benefits exercise has on the older population 




Social engagement 

Cognitive skills 


but Boxing specifically has some key benefits.

The boxing stance strengthens your core, back and leg muscles whilst punching strengthens your arms and shoulders. This aids every part of the body and therefore can prevent falls and even health problems

If your able to stand and box that means you are working on your balance. Having better balance means less chance of falling and injuring yourself


The movement, rhythm and precision required in boxing use mental and physical coordination which will help to keep you mentally fit too.


Silver Gloves is a small group program that runs


Tuesday and Thursday


We would also look to hold regular Coffee mornings too, so we can meet each other and actually have time, and the breath, to hold a conversation.


The session themselves would be a mix of cardio boxing, on bags and pads as well as strength and conditioning to help strengthen bones.

The sessions are for all levels, you just need to be medically cleared by your doctor to exercise.

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