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Our Junior Boxing Classes offer an exciting and empowering program tailored for children aged 9 to 13 years old. These classes are designed to cater to various levels of skill and experience, providing an inclusive environment where each student can thrive.


For those who have already mastered the basics of boxing and are eager to build their skills, we offer contact training as an integral part of their development.

Our Club prioritises the nurturing of young talents. We are committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment that enables our students to grow into confident, disciplined individuals, both inside and outside the ring. We focus not only on physical training but also on mental and emotional development.


Why Choose Our Junior Boxing Class?

  1. Experienced Coaching Team: Our coaching team consists of experienced and certified Boxing instructors who are passionate about teaching and sharing their expertise. They understand the unique needs of young athletes and create training sessions that balance challenge and fun.

  2. Safe and Supportive Environment: Safety is our top priority. We ensure all necessary protective gear is worn and carefully supervise sparring sessions to ensure a controlled and safe learning environment. Our coaches emphasize the importance of respect, sportsmanship, and discipline in every aspect of training.

  3. Skill Progression: Our Junior Boxing Class is structured to progressively develop the skills of our young boxers. From footwork and defensive techniques to advanced tactics, students will undergo comprehensive training to become well-rounded boxers.

  4. Physical and Mental Benefits: Boxing is not just a sport; it is also a means to enhance physical fitness, agility, coordination, and mental toughness. Our classes focus on building endurance, strength, and self-confidence in young athletes, fostering a winning mindset both in and out of the ring.

Our program ensures that aspiring boxers develop a solid grasp of boxing fundamentals before progressing to more advanced techniques, including contact training.


The goal of the individual is always at the forefront of our training approach, whether they seek to engage in non-contact or contact boxing.


We believe that through a balanced approach, we can help each student achieve their full potential in boxing and in life


Joining a Boxing Club could be one of the greatest things your child can do. Not only will they learn a new sport, but they'll make lots of new friends, build confidence, and be given the chance to create some life long memories 

All our Coaches are DBS, SafeGuard and First Aid Trained.

We are limited on space so please complete the Application form at the bottom as soon as possible if you're interested.



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