We have answered some of the more frequently asked questions below. If there is something we haven't covered, please feel free to contact us for more details


What age can Children Start

Our youngest class starts at age 4yrs old. Go ahead and check out our Thumpers class

Whats the oldest you take?

If your doctor has cleared you to exercise than there is no upper limit, to come and train. If you wanted to compete, the oldest you can be is 40yrs. Boxing is a physically demnading sport so please keep that in mind before you attend. I would also recommend anyone over the age of 40 to participate in our Seconds Out or Eight Count program rather than our senior class.

I dont want to compete, will that stop me being able to attend?

We have seprate classes for those that want to learn to box but dont want to compete. No one is ever pressured into competing, and even those that want to, still have to pass through our Novice classes first.

Do I need to attend every session?

You dont have to attend every session, you chose the class amount a week you would like to come too (1,2 or 3) and we put a membership together based on this.

What kit do I need?

If its your first class then you wont need anything (if you have gloves feel free to brng them), we can provide you with any equipment required. If you decide Boxing is for you, I would recommend buying your own wraps and gloves to begin with (we sell these at the club). Once you have been given the green light to Spar, you will need to buy a Mouth Guard (we sell them at the club) and eventually you will want to think about a head giard too.

How do I pay?

We have a 7 day free trail or a 14 day trial for £20. After this we set you up on a membership for either 1, 2 , 3 or unlimted classes a week. We dont have Pay As You Go option

Are you Insured / DBS / First Aid Trained?

All of our coaches will be DBS cleared, and insured. Those coaching will hold relevant England Boxing or Fitmess Qualifications as well as First Aid cetificates. Our England Boxing Coaches will also be Safeguard trained too.

How long will it take until I can compete?

A very popular question but one that is very difficult to answer and it all comes down to the individual, their previous experience, how quickly they pick things up, how often they train etc.

Is there a joining fee?

Yes. All our reoccuring Memberships have a joining fee of £20. There is discounts when two or more sign up.