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4 Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Punch Power IMMEDIATELY (Without using ANY equipment)

So what boxer doesn't want to increase their punch power

To know you have the ability to win a bout, with one punch, in any round certainly is great for the confidence

And there are a ton of brilliant gym / resistance exercises that can help you achieve you this (You can check one of ours out by Clicking Here )

But this article is going to highlight 4 ways you can increase punch power WITHOUT needing to go to a gym or even needing any equipment at all.

So lets get going


Now this might sound absolutely crazy, but hear me out.

Yes of course you are going to land punches with your arms, well your gloves more to the point BUT, this isn't where the power is created..

As I always say to our boxers, the arms deliver the power, they do not generate it

So to increase your punching power, you need to be using rotation of the hips and pushing through the ground when you throw you punches. The faster you can turn the hips into the shots, the more power you will naturally generate will each punch.

So, if you're at home shadow boxing, do it in front of a mirror, or record it on your phone, so you can see whats going on and can make sure you're rotating those hips with each punch.


Tension causes fatigue and thats the last thing you need in am already physically demanding sport, but its not just the fatigue, thats the problem.

Tension can have a serious effect on speed of the punch and power

Look at Prince Naseem Hamed back in the day, he was so relaxed and because of this he could generate some serious power.

Being relaxed, means that when you go to throw a punch, all the pushing muscles can activate at once, and not be opposed by any pulling muscles. This means a fast and powerful punch EVERY time.

If you're tense and go to throw a punch, you're working against the opposing muscles, resulting in less speed and power.

So, to increase power, stay relaxed.


You may have heard this before, but we are going to explain it in a bit more detail.

To keep it simple, lets say you're throwing your backhand to the head as a point scoring shot.

Your target for this shot, wouldn't be the front of the head, but the back of head, This means you're allowing the full force of the punch to land, striking the target at the punches most powerful point.

If you're only just in range or you pull your punch, you're wasting the most powerful part of the shot, and more than likely going to leave yourself very open to counters.

Please be aware that 'punching' through a target is completely different to 'pushing' through a target. You must make sure you have the snap in shot by following the 2 points above about rotation and relaxation.


Timing your punch right can literally double its power and effectiveness.

But what do we mean by timing?

Being able to time your opponent means knowing the exact moment to throw your punch. This could be as they step forward, as they are about to punch or even as their punching.

Catching them as they step forward, means your opponent not only has to deal with the natural power you've created but also their momentum coming on to the punch, which can feel like double the power.

Catching your opponent as they're punching means they haven't seen your punch coming and haven't had the chance to adjust the body to take it better. A lot of time this can result in a knockdown, but at the very least, they will feel every part of that punch.

So here are my 4 Tips to increasing punch power WITHOUT having to go the gym or even pick up a bit of equipment.

If you're just starting out on your Boxing Journey, why not take a look at our Online Learn To Box System where you can will be guided through the fundamentals of the sport, from your very own home - CLICK HERE

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Below is the video tutorial..

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