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😲 Dont Make These 3 Mistakes

In a recent email, we talked about the Jab and common mistakes I see people make when throwing it

Well in today's email we are going to look at a basic, but effective, defense to the jab, that not only neutralises your opponent's most important punch but also leaves you in a position to counter.

The Rear Hand parry is certainly a go-to hand defense for a lot of boxers when competing against someone in the same stance (Orthodox or Southpaw), however, there are some common mistakes I see Novices make when using the Parry and I've addressed each one in the video below

So go take a watch

These mistakes are easy to rectify, as long as you know you are making them. So I would recommend watching back some of your sparring/bouts and analysing your own performance, or speaking with your coach to see what they think.

During the lockdown, I'm looking to work with 3 Boxers that want to improve their overall game and level up their performance.

If you're interested, get in contact with us today to find out more

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