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😤 How To Get Hit LESS?

In today's tutorial, we look at how you can improve your Slipping.

The slip is probably one of the most used head defenses in Boxing, and executed correctly, allows you to hold your feet and fire back with counter punches to the head and body.

However, much like any technique, there are some basic mistakes a lot of people will make when they slip and we have covered 3 of them in our tutorial video below.

As with the majority of tutorials, we try and make them bitesize and to the point, which means you wont even need 10 minutes spare to watch this, but you'll get a lot from it.

As you can see, these 3 tips will make a huge difference to your slipping game and will enable you to turn defense into attack very quickly, making you a very awkward opponent.

If you want more help on your journey, we have online private training available as well as Outdoor 1-1 training, so if you want more tailored help with your boxing (or Fitness) click on the link below and find out more...

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